OA Meetings, 10 & 11 June, Australian Three Days, Wagga Wagga

Sturt Public School Hall is booked for the meetings. Car parking is in the school car park on White Avenue. Schedule:
Travel time back into Wagga from the events is about 15 mins on Saturday and 50 mins on Sunday.
Meeting Schedule:
Saturday 4.15-4.45: Events Committee
Saturday 4.45-6.00: Technical Committee
Sunday 3.30-4.30: Mapping Committee
Sunday 4.30-6.00: OA Special General Meeting

OA Special General meeting agenda

  1. Filling of vacant Board positions: Director (High Performance); 2 Directors at large
  2. OA proposal on finance for 2018: Budget proposal for OA Special General Meeting 190517
  3. Update on governance
  4. Uptake of Eventor as a national membership and participation database:
    i. 2017 SGM – Eventor paper
    ii. 2017 SGM – Eventor renewal
  5. Implementation of the digital edition of the Australian Orienteer: 2017 SGM – Australian Orienteer paper
  6. Participation and Sporting Schools: outcome of the ASC’s Participation and Sporting Schools Workshop on 1 June
  7. Coaching development: update from Barbara Hill on 2 national projects:
    a. Level 1 coaching manual
    b. A set of Sporting Schools lessons for years 7 and 8 in high schools for which we need education department endorsement and endorsement by all states at the 2017 OA Conference

8. OA Annual Conference: 2 & 3 December, AIS, Canberra

Mapping Committee
Agenda: Mapping Committee meeting agenda June 2017

Technical Committee

To be advised.