South Australian Long Distance Championships

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Congratulations to the small Lincoln Orienteering Club for organising a great 2-day championship event and attracting a healthy attendance for an event over 7 hours drive from Adelaide.

32img02medDavid Winters (LI S) prepared 2 fantastic adjoining maps on unique limestone/sand dune terrain. The quality of the maps was superb, and Winters had obviously spent an enormous amount of time mapping the complex vegetation and limestone details. The terrain could be compared with Cantara Dunes, especially the relief and vegetation, but with limestone details instead of complex dune formations.

Peter Sheridan (LI S) set some great courses which challenged even the best technical orienteers. The difficultly was trying navigate the complex features in low visibility while trying to keep up a speed of around 6min/km.

32Brocollit Hill Map small

On Day 1, young elite Lachlan Hallett (YA S) took a narrow lead of 35 seconds in M21A from Bruce Arthur (MF V), with both losing time in the low visibility scrub. Conrad Elson (AL T) was 12 minutes behind and out of the running for the title.

Hallett’s younger sister Zebedy led W21A from fellow JWOC team member Vanessa Round (TT S) by almost 3 minutes.

The tables were turned on Day 2 in both open classes, with Arthur and Round coming from behind to take victories. Arthur caught Hallett 4 minutes in the forest and then pulled away under dark skies, some hail and freezing conditions for a 9 minute victory. In W21A, Round won day 2 by 6 minutes to also win by a comfortable margin.