Bluett 12th at World Games

Shane Jenkins2005 Archive

A strong performance by Grant Bluett at the World Games overnight — but he couldn’t do enough to defend his Gold Medal from the 2001 World games in Japan. Bluett finished 12th in a quality field — boding well for his prospects in this year’s WOC. The race was won by Thierry Gueogiou of France — who has dominated Middle Distance racing over the last two years. Troy de Haas was also racing for Australia. He started well, but fell away in the middle part of the race to come in 23rd.

The women’s race was won by Simone Niggli-Luder  of Switzerlan. Allison Jones had a steady run to come 32nd, and Danielle Winslow 39th.

Middle Distance Final
1 Thierry Gueorgiou (FRA) 38m 10.1s
2 Daniel Hubmann (SUI) 38m 31.1s
3 Oystein Kvaal Osterbo (NOR) 38m 33.4s
12 Grant Bluett (AUS) 40m 06.6s
23 Troy De Haas (AUS) 41m 49.3s

1 Simone Niggli-Luder (SUI) 36m 44.1s
2 Karin Schmalfeld (GER) 37m 10.1s
3 Heather Monro (GBR) 38m 26.0s
32 Allison Jones (AUS) 45m 00.1s
39 Danielle Winslow (AUS) 50m 03.6s