Selection Panels

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At the OA conference held last weekend the Selection Panels for the 2006-07 period were announced.

MTB-O Selection Panel

The selection Panel for MTB-O remains the same as the last few years:

Ann Scown (Chair), Anitra Dowling and Dave Hatley.

We thank them for their continued service to MTB-O.

Senior Selection Panel

At the end of 2005 Ian Prosser (Chair) and Nicki Taws advised OA that they no longer had the time available to commit to being selectors. OA would like to take this opportunity to thank them both for their service – Ian in particular has been invovled in selection for a long period and both have been considered by OA to have been excellent selectors. The Senior Selection panel for 2006-07 is:

Paul Liggins (Chair), Karen Staudte and Geoff Lawford.

Paul has been an elite for many years, entering elites in the same junior ‘year’ as Jock Davis and Eddie Wymer. Formerly of Tasmania, Paul works in a senior position for Price Waterhouse Coopers and as someone who still runs elite and is familiar to the majority of elites OA is excited that he is willing to volunteer his time for the role of Chairperson. Both Karen and Geoff are also either still running elites or recently retired and consequently familiar with elite matters. Karen has been a Junior Selector for the past 5 years and Geoff was a Senior Selector in 2005.

The first tasks for the Senior Selection panel will be to put out the criteria for WOC selection next year and select the National Senior Squad and High Performance Group for 2006.

Junior Selection Panel

With Karen Staudte moving to the Senior Selection Panel the Junior Selection panel will now be:

Blair Trewin (Chair), Fiona Calabro and Paul Pacque.

Blair and Fiona are long-standing Junior selectors and Paul concluded this year 6 years as JWOC Coach. All have a terrific working knowledge of Junior orienteering and OA looks forward to their continued involvement in Junior orienteering in Australia.


Jason McCrae, Manager (High Performance), OA