Christmas 5-days day 4

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The 2005 Xmas 5 days headed to Buckenderra for the 4th day of competition. It proved to be a tough day for the field, with steep hills, lots of rock, high temperatures and thicker forest.

Robbie Preston took full opportunity of the terrain early, catching Switzerland’s David Schneider 1 min into the course. Schneider ran into the finish 25 seconds ahead of Preston for third place, while Preston took the lead. Schneider later reported being disappointed with his run due to several mistakes.

Eric Morris finished a mere 2 seconds behind Preston to take 2nd place for the day and the overall lead. The final day is set to be exciting with David Schneider in need of victory if he is to snatch the overall honours out of Morris’s hands.

The women’s course saw Grace Elson take her 3rd victory out of a possible 4. Sofia Olsson from Sweden had little difficulty with the unique Australian terrain to finish a close second only 28 seconds behind. In third place was up and coming junior Sophie Barker, who has shown some good form over the 5 days so far.

Barring any surprises on the final day, overall honours look to be heading towards Grace Elson. Sofia Olsson looks solid in second place but can’t afford any major mistakes, as Anna Sheldon could pounce from her current position of third.

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