MTBO Team Nominations and Selection Procedures for WMTBOC 2006 – Finland

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Date: 7th December, 2005

Nomination Process

All athletes who wish to be considered for selection in the Australian team for WMTBOC 2006 are required to submit an Expression of Interest, which should include all contact details eg. name, address, email, phone etc.

Expressions of Interest should be fowarded to the Chair of Selectors preferably by close of business February 10th 2006 (although any time before the first selection race in Victoria on February 25 is acceptable).
Selection Procedures and Criteria

The following Selection Procedures for WMTBOC 2006 have been discussed and agreed to by the High Performance Management Group MTBO.

Please read the procedures carefully as they provide all the relevant information on how to be selected.

Team size and composition

A team of at least 4 men and 4 women will be selected. Additional team members, up to a maximum of 6 men and 6 women plus 1 reserve respectively, may also be selected. Selection will be based primarily upon demonstrated potential to achieve a benchmark performance of a top 16 result.

The selectors will name athletes to participate in Long Distance, Middle Distance and Relay events, following the final selection race.

It is desirable that athletes have the ability to perform in all disciplines. If, however, you can demonstrate performance in only one discipline then you must clearly be the best in this and preferably have strength in another.

Because of Orienteering Australia’s limited resources to support a large team, allocation of funding for the team will be discussed, at a later date, with athletes who nominate for selection.

Selection Criteria

Performance at all selection races will be the major consideration when making selections. Competing at only some races will mean performing very well in those that you do contest, but will not preclude you from selection.

Factors other than the selection races may be considered. These are results achieved in 2005 World MTBO Championships and 2005 Australian MTBO Championships.

Overseas based athletes who are unable to compete in the selection races will need to provide the selectors with evidence that they can achieve a performance equal to or preferably better than Australian based athletes. Overseas based athletes will need to provide selectors, in writing, of races they wish to be considered as meeting the requirements of selection. These must be races where there will be a number of WMTBOC 2005 competitors present. It is however, in the interest of everyone to participate in the Australian selection races.

Any injury or illness will be given consideration provided notification of such is received by the Chair of Selectors prior to the relevant selection race and is supported by written evidence from a medical practitioner.

Similarly, consideration will be given to true mechanical failures during selection races.

The selectors consider the best results for Australia are achieved when a team works well together in representing Australia, so a person’s contribution to the team environment is also a consideration.

Selection Trials

There will be 2 series of selection races. Each weekend will have 2 days of racing. The first will be held in Victoria on the weekend of February 25/26, 2006, and the second in NSW on the weekend of March 25/26, 2006.

It is the athlete’s responsibility to ensure that they have separately entered these events. Neither organisers nor selectors will be held responsible if an athlete fails to enter and therefore does not race.

Details of the format of the weekend races will be available at least 4 weeks prior to each event.

Selection Panel

The selection panel for 2006 is:
Ann Scown, ACT,
Anitra Dowling, Victoria
David Hatley, NSW
Ann Scown
Chair of Selectors
Home phone: 02 62925012