Australian team selection update

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1. WOC Selection – overseas trials

The selectors have confirmed that there will be one overseas selection trial – the Spring Cup classic race in Denmark on 25 March.  Overseas-based candidates are also encouraged to post results in other major events listed in the selection critieria, including the Swedish Elite Series.  Results in such races will be considered up to 23 April 2006 (ie including the Swedish Elite Series race on this date).

2. Bushrangers

The Australian Bushrangers team will take on New Zealand in two separate events – at the NZ Queens Birthday races on the first weekend in June (note that the NZ Queens Birthday weekend is one week ahead of the Australian equivalent) and in Queensland at the NOL races in August.  All Australian elites with the exception of those selected in the WOC team will be considered for this team.  The selection critieria will be the same as for WOC and the team will be announced at the same time – ie during the last week in April.  If some athletes are only available for one set of races then two separate teams may be announced.  Funding for the NZ races is yet to be confirmed.

The WOC nomination form has now been amended (and is attached below) to allow people to indicate whether they wish to be considered for selection for the Bushrangers team if they don’t make the WOC team.  For those who haven’t yet nominated for the WOC team (or only wish to nominate for the Bushrangers team) please use this new form.  If you’ve already sent your nomination in, please send me an email indicating whether you wish to be  considered for Bushranger selection.  The size of the team(s) will be between 4 and 6 men and women, depending upon the number of nominees and the number of people that New Zealand (as the visiting team) will be sending to Queensland.

3. World University Championships

Nominations are sought for the World University Orienteering championships to be held in the Slovak Republic between 14 and 20 August.  Countries may send up to 6 men and 6 women.  To be eligible you must be a current University student (or have graduated in 2005) and be born between 1978 and 1988 (inclusive).

Those interested in competing should contact Paul Liggins at by Friday 7 April.

Selection will generally be based on performance at Easter 2006, as well as results in major Australian races in 2005.

Please inform those people who might be interested in competing but are not regular readers of this web WOCandBushies2006NominationForm

Paul Liggins