Orienteers Play Big Part in XPD Multi-sport Challenge

Shane Jenkins2006 Archive

On Wednesday morning a number of orienteers started in the XPD Challenge held through the western and central parts of Tasmania. Teams commenced with a mountain bike leg from Stanley on the North West coast of Tasmania and headed south for a series of bike, trekking and kayaking legs that will eventually bring them through to Hobart and the finish line. Teams have a maximum of ten days to complete this arduous journey that will be a sterling test of their physical and mental capabilities.

Follow orienteers in the following teams as they take on the challenge of XPD.

Matt Dalziel (TAS) & Tom Landon-Smith (ACT), Team 1: AROC / Mountain Designs

Rob Garden and Rachel Smith (NZ), Team 12: MacNut NZ

Thorlene Egerton (QLD), Team 14: PB Sports

Phil Wood (NZ), Team 16: Back Country Cuisine Girls On Top

Brent Edwards (NZ), Team 17, OrionAdventure.com

Bernard Walker (TAS), Team 22, Mawson

Darryl Smith (TAS), Team 28, Team 4 Cancer

Danielle Winslow – pictured right (TAS/ACT), Team 43, First Contact

Julie Quinn and Dave Baldwin (ACT): Team 46, Tangerine.

Check out their progress at www.xpd.com.au*

For Edgerton and Winslow it will be interesting to see if they can recover in time and turn out for their states in the first round of the National League in NSW in mid-March.

*Website no longer available