2005 national rankings released for non-elite classes

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Rankings for classes have been determined as in previous years based on results in the Australian Championships (A), the Australian Easter 3-Days (E), and all State Championships (by State initial letter, ACT = C, NT = O). Rankings for classes M/W 17–20, and 21 are calculated on a different basis and are separately published.

The first 10 place getters in each class are published here. State Secretaries have the full list of orienteers who scored less than 150.00 points.

Some points of interest in the 2005 rankings:

  • Winner by the largest margin was Henry McNulty (LO.W) by 14.92 percentage points.
  • There were a number of equal firsts: Lachlan Dow (BS.A), Oliver Crosato (RR.Q) M14; Tristan Lee (TJ.S), Joshua Roberts (NC.N) M16; Nicola Blatchford (NC.N), Phoebe Vincent (NC.N) W10; Dorothy Adrian (NE.V), Christa Schafer (GO.N) W65; Sue Mount (AL.T), Maureen Ogilvie (UR.N) W75.
  • 19 clubs had class leaders in the rankings with the most successful clubs being: MF.V, BS.A, NC.N, UR.N (3); WE.A, UG.Q, YV.V, TF.Q, EU.V (2); LO.W, RR.Q, TJ.S, BF.N, RR.A, WR.T, IK.N, NE.V, GO.N, AL.T (1).
  • Family groupings with two or more members in the first three places in the rankings were: Jackson (Timothy M10, Carolyn W45); Neve (Todd M12, Sue W50); Blatchford (Joshua M14, Nicola W10); Simson/Quantock-Simson/Radstaak (Neil M35, Robin M65, Gayle W40, Kaitlin W12); Schafer (Neil M75, Christa W65); Adrian (Paul M80, Dorothy W65); Marshall (Nicola W10, Christine W40); Lawford/Bourne (Belinda W14, Jenny W45); Dawson (Aidan M10, Michele W12).
  • In W10 two competitors from the same club (NC.N) tied for first place.

Darryl Erbacher, OA Statistician