Kiwis bury the Aussies on Graveyard Creek.

Shane Jenkins2006 Archive

The second day of the test match confirmed the Kiwi’s dominance of Trans-Tasman series this year. Ross Morrison led his team to a slightly closer win over the Aussies with Adrian Jackson and Robbie Preston closing the gap to 8 points. However, in the women the Kiwis reversed the day 1 result with excellent runs from the Smith sisters and much improved support from juniors Lizzie Ingham and Amber Morrison, but the continued good form of Susanne Casanova and Kathryn Ewels was not enough to help the Aussies. Over the two days New Zealand comfortably won the competition by 26 points.

Dave Shepherd and Jo Alison re-asserted their dominance of elite competition with good wins in the continuing hot and dry conditions.  In other classes of the 2-day Queensland Championships competitors enjoyed the rarity of clear running in a Queensland environment.  In M16 Oliver Crosato turned the tables on Gary Flynn, running the 7.4 Km course in 58 minutes but Gary retained the lead over the two days. Lance Reid continued with his slim lead over Tim McIntyre in M35. Russell Creed was delighted with his win in M55 as this was his first championship win in 26 years of orienteering. In M70 Clive Pope continued his dominance with a second fast run. With the 3 Neumann families picking up places in most of the junior age groups Krystal Neumann starred winning W16 by 8 minutes.  In other classes the best performances came from Linda Burridge  in W40 and Lynn Dabbs in W50.

The prestige Perseverance Cup (awarded to the runner with the greatest cumulative time over the 2 days) went to Denis Johnson of Toohey Forest for his marathon 5 hours over the two days.

The Championships were a special event for Queensland with the Test Matches, NOL and JNOL structured to maximise spectator options.  In today’s courses runners completed one loop and were reported from a radio control at a compulsory fence crossing point.  The second loop ended with an open run through the finish area leading to a map change and a final loop, and commentary from Blair Trewin and Neil Simson adding to the tension of the competition. Queensland has now opened up a new area for competition and all of this weekend’s competitors will go home with a small taste of the terrain and the environment to be used for the 2008 Australian Championships.