National League titles decided

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OA President Bob Mouatt presents Grace with NOL trophy

The Canberra Cockatoos are confirmed as the senior National League champions for 2006. It was their twelfth title in 13 seasons, and was eventually won by the huge margin of 88 points, after they achieved the maximum possible score in all six rounds held in Western Australia.

The battle for second was closer, with the NSW Stingers starting the Australian Relays nine points ahead of the Victorian Nuggets. The Nuggets needed to beat the Stingers in both relays to have a chance, but it was clear by halfway that the men had little chance of doing so, and the Stingers secured second comfortably.

Queensland entered the final day of the junior competition all but certain of victory; whilst the ACT and Victoria had a theoretical chance of winning, all Queensland had to do was have two teams finish with vaguely respectable results, which they achieved with a second and a fourth. The ACT took second with Victoria third.

Grace Elson (senior) and Kellie Whitfield (junior) secured individual titles earlier in the week. Dave Shepherd’s Australian Long Championships win was enough to ensure him of the title, whilst Simon Uppill’s second also sufficed to hold on despite Ryan Smyth’s win.