National Junior Squad announced

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The new National Junior Squad is as follows, in no particular order:

Simon Uppill (SA)
Bryan Keely (Vic)
Rhys Challen (WA)
Nick Andrewartha (Tas)
Oliver Mitchell (Qld)
Kieran Sullivan (Qld)
Tristan Lee (SA)
Sebastian Woof (Tas)
Morten Neve (Vic)
Simon Mee (Qld)

Heather Harding (ACT)
Laurina Neumann (Qld)
Clare Brownridge (Vic)
Vanessa Round (SA)
Ineka Booth (ACT)
Sarah Dunnage (WA)
Jessica Davis (Tas)
Rachel Effeney (Qld)

The selection is for the next 12 months. The squad may be added to at any stage during the year (particularly after the JWOC selection trials).

Blair Trewin

Chair, Junior Selection Panel