2006 Orienteering Australia Annual Conference

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The OA Council Annual Conference to be held in Canberra over the weekend 2-3 December will consider a number of key issues, including:

  •  Junior Sports Framework
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Extending the levies on events to all events
  • Strategic Plans, Operational Plans, and Budget and Forward Estimates
  • Changes to competition rules and ranking systems
  • Sponsorship arrangements
  • Membership arrangements
  • Changes to the National League
  • Changes to the Selection procedures
  • Bidding for major international events



President                          Bob Mouatt

Director (Development)       Ben Rattray

Director (Finance)              Blair Trewin

Director (High Performance) Mike Dowling

Director (Technical)            Andy Hogg

Director (Special Projects)   Robin Uppill

IOF Senior Vice President     Hugh Cameron

State Associations

ACT Councillor          Bill Jones

ACT Delegate           Bob Allison

NSW Councillor                  Robert Spry

NSW Delegate                   Mike Weller

QLD Councillor                   Liz Bourne

QLD Delegate                    Eric Andrew

SA Councillor                     Tyson Hillyard

SA Delegate                      Gerry Velaitis

TAS Councillor

TAS Delegate

VIC Councillor                    Ruth Goddard

VIC Delegate                     Ian Dodd

WA Councillor                    Cath Chalmers

WA Delegate                     Ian Dalton

Elite Councillor                     Tom Quayle

Executive Officer                 Gareth Candy

In attendance

Head Coach                       Grant Bluett