Bushrangers Report – Waitangi weekend Day 1

Shane Jenkins2007 Archive

The New Zealanders served up some pretty tough terrain for the first race, a classic race in hilly farmland approximately 200 Km south of Auckland. The terrain was littered with large, rocky depressions that made for some pretty tough running. The highlight today was a great battle between Hanny Allston and Heli Jukola that resulted in the Finn winning by under a minute. Julian Dent had an incident free run to win in a strong men’s field. Unfortunately it looks like Ryan Smyth will miss the remaining races after severely twisting his ankle. The Bushrangers are looking forward to tomorrow’s races that should suit them more, a middle and a sprint in pine plantation.

Men's Elite

NZ 21 AUS 15

Women's Elite

NZ 26 AUS 10

Individual Results


Julian Dent 77.41
Tero Fohr 80.21
David Shepherd 81.14
Rob Jessop 81.42
Neil Kerrison 82.18
James Bradshaw 83.15
Mark Lawson 84.22
Rob Preston 85.26
Simon Uppill 85.45
Carsten Jorgensen 86.23
Ross Morrison 86.38
Eric Morris 88.10
Beat Berger 89.35
Ian Meyer 92.27
Christopher Naunton 98.57
Dave Meyer 99.30
Tane Cambridge 103.33
Peter Preston 103.46
Murray Scown 115.57
Andrew McCarthy 124.34

Ryan Smyth DNF


Heli Jukola 60.57
Hanny Allston 61.53
Jo Allison 67.54
Amber Morrison 69.01
Lizzie Ingham 71.21
Anna Sheldon 71.48
Jenni Adams 73.24
Jasmine Neve 74.16
Kirsten Fairfax 75.28
Penny Kane 76.00
Kathryn Ewels 78.23
Susanne Casanova 78.38
Anna Quayle 79.09
Piret Klade 79.25
Vanessa Round 81.09
Valerie Suter 87.13
Tineke Birthelsen 90.27
Briohny Davey 96.24
Sofie Herremans 96.45