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Discussions only recently concluded between Orienteering Australia and the Australian Sport Foundation will now enable Orienteers to support the JWOC activities through tax deductible donations. The arrangement also includes future major international events such as the 2009 World  Masters.

As part of the “Hosting Major Events – International Events”, Orienteering Australia has successfully concluded an agreement with the Australian Sports Foundation to allow tax deductible donations to the ASF to be used to support this year’s Junior World Championships being organised by OANSW on behalf of Orienteering Australia in July in Dubbo.

Orienteering Australia has confirmed that ASF grants (in 2007) for the “Hosting Major Events – International Events” category will be passed to OANSW for acquittal against 2007 JWOC expenditures.

With the JWOC event now included in the ASF donation scheme OANSW hopes that this will encourage all Orienteers from around Australia to support the JWOC event who previously might have wondered how they could be involved in Australia’s major international orienteering event of the year.

Further information and a donation form can be downloaded from any of the following websites:

Orienteering Australia Donations*

For more information on Australian Sports Foundation contact the Orienteering Australia Director (Development).

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