National League update

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Reigning champions the Canberra Cockatoos  have had a poor start to the 2007 National League due to a depleted squad travelling to the Australian 3-Days over Easter. Instead, the Victorian Nuggets have taken the lead in both the men’s and women’s National League, thanks to consistent performances from Kathryn Ewels, Troy de Haas, Kirsten Fairfax and Adrian Jackson. The Southern Arrows made the best of their home advantage to be placed 3rd in both divisions, while NSW (men) and Tasmania (women) are in second place.

In the individual National Series, placings are similar to the Australian 3-Days overall standings, but that may change with another series of National League races near Adelaide in the coming weekend. Full standings will be posted after those races.
National League Progress points after round 4
Senior League
Victorian Nuggets 37, NSW Stingers 32, Southern Arrows 26, Tassie Foresters 17, Western Nomads 16, Canberra Cockatoos 14, Queensland Cyclones 9.
Women: Victorian Nuggets 36, Tassie Foresters 31, Southern Arrows 25, Queensland Cyclones 21, NSW Stingers 16, Canberra Cockatoos 12, Western Nomads 11.
Junior League
Men: Victorian Nuggets 32, Tassie Foresters 30, Queensland Cyclones 22, NSW Stingers 15, Southern Arrows 13, Canberra Cockatoos 8, Western Nomads 4.
Women: Queensland Cyclones 36, Canberra Cockatoos 26, Victorian Nuggets 26, Tassie Foresters 17, NSW Stingers 12, Western Nomads 8, Southern Arrows 0.

National Series
Senior Series
: Julian Dent (NSW) 112, Matt Crane (GBR), David Shepherd (ACT) 105.
Women: Hanny Allston (TAS) 120, Grace Elson (TAS) 99, Jo Allison (ACT) 96.
Junior Series
: Rhys Challen (WA) 92, Morten Neve (VIC) 87, Nick Andrewartha (TAS) 85.
Women: Heather Harding (ACT) 117, Rachel Effeney (QLD) 103, Belinda Lawford (VIC) 92.