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Yesterday saw the running of the annual ASC Galaxy Sprint race, sponsored by the Australian Sports Commission.

Mens placegetters (L-R): Simon Uppill, Matt Crane, Adrian Jackson

Mens placegetters (L-R): Simon Uppill, Matt Crane, Adrian Jackson

Both the mens races were marred by a number of disqualifications due to competitors crossing out of bounds areas within the caravan park, and a creek which was marked as uncrossable. Notably, Leon Keely notified the organisers he had breached the rules, missing out on his 2nd place in M17-20E. Ultimately, the senior mens race was won by Matt Crane (GBR) from Adrian Jackson (Vic) and Simon Uppill (SA), while Nick Andrewartha won the junior mens.


Womens placegetters(L-R): Anna Sheldon, Grace Elson and Kathryn Ewels

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Grace Elson (Tas) backed up her solid form from Easter to win the womens title. Kathryn Ewels (Vic ) and Anna Sheldon (Qld) rounded out the placings — all three were separated by only 6 seconds. Sarah Dunnage (WA) won the junior womens race.

Full results (including public race) and splits now available.