2007 Australian Team for Australia-New Zealand Challenge

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2007 Australian Team for Australia-New Zealand Challenge

The Australian team to contest the 2007 AUS-NZL Challenge was named on Sunday 15 July, after the Australian Relay Championships.  The competition will be staged near Canberra over two days:

  • Saturday 6 October. Oceania Long Distance Championships at Boboyan Divide, at the southern end of Namadgi National Park.
  • Sunday 7 October. Oceania Relay Championships at Antills Creek about 25 kms south of Canberra off the Captains Flat Road.

Team Badges.  All members of the official team which competes in the Challenge (excluding reserves) will be supplied with two official team badges courtesy of Orienteering Australia.

Tracksuits.  With generic Australian tracksuits being no longer available, with the exception of the M/W20 (who will wear their JWOC clothing) and the Bushrangers team (which hopefully will be able to be outfitted from remaining WOC uniforms), there will be no official tracksuits for other team members, but they may acquire a suitably coloured tracksuit and attach an official team badge or attach an official team badge to a previously used tracksuit.

Competition Uniforms.  With generic Australian competition uniforms being no longer available, with the exception of the M/W20 (who will wear their JWOC clothing) and the Bushrangers team (which hopefully will be able to be outfitted from remaining WOC uniforms), arrangements are being made for other team members to buy an official top which will be similar to the official WOC/JWOC top (see page nine of the June edition of The Australian Orienteer).  The back will be the same as the WOC/JWOC top and the front will be similar, except that the official badge, which will replace the two logos, will be on the left breast. The supplier, who made the new tops worn by the Southern Arrows, has been asked to start the artwork and to anticipate an order for around 40 tops. A sizing chart is being sought and should be available within a few days. The cost, for short sleeve tops, will be $50. Unfortunately, because of the tight lead-time, it is not possible to include long sleeved options. The target date for delivery of tops to the OA Office, Canberra will be Tuesday 25 September.  With a lead-time of around eight weeks, a firm order would have to be placed by Friday 27 July, to ensure timely delivery. Competitors may attach an official badge to previously used generic orienteering tops. The competition pants will be suitably green coloured tights or orienteering pants, to be supplied by the competitors.

Team Management. A team manager will be appointed shortly.

The Team Members and Next Actions. With the exception of the members of the Schools Test Match team (bolded), who will make all of their arrangements through Valerie Barker, the manager of the Schools Team, the following team members (including reserves) should immediately contact the Executive Officer, Orienteering Australia by email at orienteering@netspeed.com.au or by phone at (02) 6162 1200 and:

  • confirm their availability to participate in the 2007 AUS-NZL Challenge,
  • advise their contact details, eg email address and phone number, and
  • advise whether they wish to acquire an official orienteering top at $50 each. More details, eg sizing chart, method of ordering and payment, etc will be provided in a few days.

W16        Krystal Neumann, Nadia Velaitis, Melanie Neumann. R1 Tamara Orr, R2 Claire Butler

W18        Belinda Lawford, Bridget Anderson, Ineka Booth. R1 Aislinn Prendergast, R2 Brea Pearce

W20        Heather Harding, Rachel Effeney, Jess Davis.

W21        To be announced.

W35        Natasha Key, Thor Egerton, Wendy Read. R1 Louise Fairfax

W40        Nicola Dalheim, Clare Leung, Christine Marshall. R1 Karen Blatchford, R2 Su Yan Tay.

W45        Anthea Feaver, Louise Fairfax, Jenny Bourne. R1 Gayle Quantock-Simson, R2 Felicity Crosato.  (R3 Carol Harding, R4 Lisa Lampe)

W50        Sue Neve, Robin Uppill, Carolyn Jackson. R1 Debbie Davey, R2 Hilary Wood.

W55        Lynn Dabbs, Jacquie Rand, Meredyth Sauer. R1 Alison Radford.

W60        Debbie Gale, Jenny Hawkins, Ruth Goddard. R1 Jean Baldwin, R2 Val Brammall.

W65        Dale Ann Gordon, Ann Ingwersen, Janet Tarr. R1 Emily Quantock, R2 Helen Smith.

W70        Maureen Ogilvie, Jeffa Lyon, Sue Mount. R1 Sue Healy.

M16        Joshua Blatchford, Lachlan Dow, Oscar Phillips. R1 Kurt Neumann, R2 Oliver Crosato.

M18        Tristan Lee, Simon Mee, Leon Keely. R1 Anthony Brown, R2 Callum Fagg.

M20        Louis Elson, Morten Neve, Rob Fell. R1 Nick Andrewartha, R2 Rhys Challen.

M21        To be announced.

M35        Scott Simson, Graham Turner, Chris Helliwell. R1 Shane Trotter.

M40        Paul Liggins, Martin Wehner, Jim Russell. R1 Tim Hatley, R2 Tim McIntyre.

M45        Rob Vincent, Mark Nemeth, Mark Darvodelsky. R1 Bjorn Mella, R2 Andrew McComb.  (R3 Mike Dowling)

M50        Geoff Lawford, Chris Norwood, Roch Prendergast. R1 Ross Coyle, R2 Nick Wilmott.

M55        Hugh Moore, Nigel Davies, Greg Hawthorne. R1 David Marshall, R2 Derek Morris.

M60        Robert Allison, Tony Simpkins, Greg Chatfield. R1 Rob Tucker, R2 Trevor Sauer.

M65        Alex Tarr, Peter Prime, Tim Dent. R1 John Hodsdon, R2 Ted Mulherin.

M70        John Lyon, Clive Pope, Robin Simson. R1 Barry Hanlon, R2 George Reeves.