Australia 15th in WMTBO Relays

Shane Jenkins2007 Archive

Australia has managed to place 15th in the men’s relay held today in misty conditions at Hotel Ski.

Paul Darvoldelsky, David Simpfendorfer and Alex Randall were 17th across the line but were placed 15th officially in a time of 155 minutes.  France won in a time of 131 minutes with the Czech men only 30 seconds behind and Denmark rounding out the top 3.

The second Australian team crossed the line in 26th place in a time of 176 minutes.  All rode reasonably well and enjoyed the course set.

The women’s relay was won by Finland in a time of 114 minutes, Russia was second nearly four mins behind and Austria took out 3rd place.

Aus first leg starters


Splits (men): leg 1, leg 2, leg 3