Selection Criteria for WOC 2008, WUOC

woc_logo_en_smallWOC 2008, World Cup, Bushrangers

The following selection procedures for WOC 2008 (July, Czech Republic) Bushrangers teams (February, Waitangi NZ and September, Maryborough QLD) and World Cup teams (May, Latvia; June, Norway; July, Sweden: October, Switzerland) have been agreed to by the High Performance Management Group.  They reflect input from Australian and overseas-based elite athletes; coaches, experience from past selection processes and general selection guidelines published by the Australian Sports Commission.  They also reflect Orienteering Australia’s rules. Please read this document carefully it provides detailed advice on how to get selected in the respective teams.

The selection criteria can be found here-WOC2008SelectionCriteriaFinal.pdf

World University Orienteering Championships

Expressions of interest are required for athletes interested in attending the World University Orienteering Championships in Estonia. Participants must have proof of enrolment at university in 2007 or 2008.

No funding is available from Orienteering Australia, however most students will be eligible for funding from their university. More information on selection procedures will be announced soon.

All nominations and enquiries to High Performance Manager, Rob Preston to oa_headcoach AT