National Non-Elite Rankings for 2007

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Ranking in non-Elite classes based on results in the Australian Easter 3-Days (E1, E2, E3), Australian and Oceania Sprint (AS, OS), Medium (AM, OM), Long (AL, OL) Distance Championships, the NSW and ACT Long Distance Championships (SA, SO).

Points are awarded for each event completed on the basis of 100 points for first place and lesser points for other competitors. An orienteer’s best 3 events count towards their ranking. The first 10 orienteers ranked in each class are published here. State Secretaries have lists of all orienteers ranked between 50 and 100 points inclusive. When more than 1 orienteer in a class has 100 points, the first ranked orienteer is determined by the average of their 3 best winning margins.

Some points of interest in the 2007 rankings:

  • Winner by the largest margin was Herman Wehner (WE.A), winning by 31.44 percentage points.
  • There were a number of classes where more than one orienteer earning maximum points (this year they are separated by winning margins): Henry McNulty (LO.W), Matthew Doyle (EN.Q); Joshua Blatchford (NC.N), Lachlan Dow (BS.A); Alex Tarr (YV.V), Tim Dent (YV.V); John Lyon (TT.S), Clive Pope (UG.Q); Ray Kelly (UG.Q), Kevin Paine (BS.A); Katie Doyle (EN.Q), Jacqui Doyle (EN.Q).
  • 19 clubs had class leaders in the rankings with the most successful clubs being: MF.V, EU.V, NC.N (3);  EN.Q, WE.A,  UG.Q (2); GO.N, EV.T, YV.V, TT.S, WO.W, UR.N, NE.V, WA.S, TF.Q, LO.W, BB.Q, AL.T, BS.A,  (1).
  • Families with two or more members placed in the rankings were:  Doyle (Matthew M12, Katie W14, Jackie W14, Steve M40); Hill (Daniel M10, Barbara W35); Ingwersen (Ruben M10, Ann W65); McNulty (Henry M12, Oscar M14); Neve (Todd M14, Sue W50); Blatchford (Joshua M16, Nicola W12); McComb (Cathy W35, Jonathan  M35); McComb (Rory M16, Andrew M45); Wehner (Martin M40, Herman M80); Vincent (Phoebe W12, Robert M45); Lawford/Bourne (Geoff M50, Jenny W45); Tarr (Janet W65, Alex M65); Lyon (Jeffa W70, John M70); Mount (Sue W70, Tony M75).
  • All ranked orienteers in W12 are from NSW and those in W14 are from Queensland.
  • Two orienteers were ranked in more than one class: Katie Doyle EN.Q (W14, W16); Nicola Blatchford NC.N (W12, W14).

The full National Rankings are available here.


Darryl Erbacher