NZ orienteers win test match over Australia

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New Zealand won the four-race orienteering test match against Australia today after both elite courses were invalidated on the Weiti Station Forest map north of Auckland.

Waitangi Summer Orienteering Carnival event organiser Simon Addison said both teams had complained about control placement and inconsistent mapping which had resulted in an unfair competition.

Formal protests were lodged by both teams which were upheld.

The final test match score was based on the first three races giving New Zealand the win 149-121.

Addison said it was a shame the carnival had ended on such a disappointing note but otherwise the carnival had gone very well.

“The Australians have enjoyed the terrain, they’ve enjoyed the courses that we’ve set and there has been a good turn out for those races,” he said.

“We’ve had people from Russia, UK, Finland and all over the place.

“In particular I have enjoyed the big group of New Caledonians, they’ve definitely livened up the carnival.”

Final test match result:-
New Zealand 149, Australia 121

Waitangi Summer Orienteering Carnival
2-10 February 2008