National MTBO Series

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2008 – the inaugural National MTB-O Series

This year the mtb-o schedule will focus on three rounds of the inaugural National MTB-O Series – one in Victoria (Selection Trial for MTB WOC) in April, the second in Queensland (National Championships) in late September, and the third in ACT in November.

The format will include sprint, middle and long distance races.

Four divisions – M21E, W21E, M17-20E, W17-20E – will contest 8 races over the 3-round series. In addition to the youth and senior classes, all junior and masters classes will be contested during these events.

With the 2008 MTB WOC and the inaugural MTB JWOC staged at the same time in Ostroda Poland from August 24th to August 31st , Round 1 in Victoria will be the primary Selection Trials for Poland.

Rules The existing rules successfully used in the NOL foot-o competition will generally apply in the National MTB-O Series. Individual Competition Individual scoring in M21E, W21E, M17-20E, and W17-20E divisions will be the same as in the foot NOL. The table sets out how points can be scored in each of the 8 races.

Placing Points Placing Points
1st 30 14th 12
2nd 27 15th 11
3rd 24 16th 10
4th 22 17th 9
5th 21 18th 8
6th 20 19th 7
7th 19 20th 6
8th 18 21st 5
9th 17 22nd 4
10th 16 23rd 3
11th 15 24th 2
12th 14 25th 1
13th 13 26th or below 0

In each age class the best five (5) results over the eight races for the year will be counted. There is no limit to the number of state competitors who may enter and score points in M21E, W21E, M17-20E and W17-20E.

Team Competition The seven state-based teams in the competition are: Canberra Cockatoos, NSW Stingers, Queensland Cyclones, Southern Arrows, Tasmanian Foresters, Victorian Nuggets and Western Nomads. Since 2008 is the first year of the competition, only the top two (2) rider’s times from a state in each of the age classes will be summed. If only one state rider has recorded a time, they are ranked based on that result alone. After each event, points from each of the four divisions will be summed to give the National League Team Scores.

Placing Points
1st 9
2nd 7
3rd 5
4th 4
5th 3
6th 2
7th 1

If you wish to compete any or all of the 8 events, contact your state manager/representative for information on training days and competition information. For series details, profiles of the riders and online entry forms, go to the OA website and click on the National Series icon. Of course all current foot-o state team members are eligible and encouraged to ride in any of the 8 events – great cross training for adventure racers too.

Blake Gordon