No Change To Composition Of Junior World Championships Team

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The Junior Selection panel has completed the process of reconsidering the composition of the Australian team for the Junior World Championships following the appeal lodged by Jess Davis (TAS) against her non-selection being upheld by the OA Selection Appeals Committee.

The junior selection panel did not change their original deliberation as to the composition of the team based on the application of the published criteria and acting on the direction of the appeals findings with respect to the application of those selection criteria.

The report of the Junior Selection Panel has been ratified by the Board  of Orienteering Australia and confirm that the women’s team to contest the Junior World Championships in Sweden as advised by the Junior Selection Panel is (in alphabetical order);

Brigid Anderson           (QLD)
Rachel Effeney              (QLD)
Belinda Lawford           (ACT)
Krystal Neumann          (QLD)
Laurina Neumann         (QLD)
Aislinn Prendergast       (VIC)

Mike Dowling
Director, High Performance