Walter goes back-to-back

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This afternoon’s round of the SILVA National Orienteering League was the second last chance for WOC contenders to prove their worth in front of the selectors. With the same assembly area as this morning’s sprint many of the competitors were keen to get back out into beautiful forest.

Christopher Naunton held the lead in the men’s class for a good majority of the afternoon after a very impressive run that showed he in beginning to make big steps for the future. The last few starters included Rob Preston and Rob Walter, two of the favourites for the race. Rob Preston  came through to take the lead but he was outdone by the last starter Walter. Walter’s back-to-back victories leave many wondering whether he should have hung up the shoes for WOC or not.

Vanessa Round came back to some good form with a victory of the ever-present Jo Allison and Tracy Bluett. Unlike the men’s class where again the top two aren’t in the running for the team, all three women would be hoping their run put them in the forefront of the selectors’ thoughts.

Results and Splits from both the days races on the Tasmanian website.

Men’s map and GPS routes (download)