Make tax-deductible donations through the Australian Sports Foundation

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With June 30 approaching, the minds of many Australians turn to tax. The Australian Sports Foundation provides a vehicle for you to make tax-deductible donations to your sport. Donations may be made towards one or more of the following projects:

  • World Championships
  • Junior World Championships
  • MTBO World Championships
  • Hosting Major International Events
  • Hosting National Schools Championships
  • State Association Equipment
  • National Development Programs

Donations made towards the teams will go to support the 2008 teams which are soon to leave for Europe (or may already have left by the time you read this). Please note that a tax deduction cannot be claimed for international team projects if the donor, or an associate or relative, is a member of that team.

All donations should be made using the official form, which is available (along with further information) at

To receive a tax deduction in 2007-08, donations need to be processed and received by the ASF by June 30. To make sure of this, please make sure donations are sent to the OA office (address on the form) no later than June 23. (Don’t send them directly to Blair Trewin – he will be overseas).