JWOC 2008 kicks off

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mapsprint_2Emma Klingenberg (Denmark, 13.40) and Stepan Kodeda (Czech Republic, 13.21) were crowned 2008 Junior World Orienteering Champions in the sprint distance in Gothenburg on Monday afternoon.  In the women’s race every second counted literally with the top 3 being separated by only 2 seconds. Norway’s Silje Ekroll Jahren took 2nd  in 13.41 and Sweden’s Jenny Lönnkvist was 3rd in 13.42.  The men’s race was almost as close, Sweden’s Johan Runesson taking 2nd, also just one second behind in 13.22.  Denmark’s highly fancied Sören Bobach was 3rd in 13.28.

The terrain for the sprint was a combination of urban apartment buildings, parkland and rocky, forested hillsides interspersed with small paths.  This demanded a challenging combination of quick route choice decisions, the abilty to adapt to the changing terrain types and fast running to succeed. 

Bridget Anderson (49th, 15.24) and Belinda Lawford (57th15.37) showed they are adapting well to the new terrain to produce Australia’s best results on the day. One of the youngsters of the Australian team, Lachlan Dow showed he has plenty of potential for the future, to be Australia’s best man on the day finishing 84th in 15.41. Leon Keely had a bit of bad luck and smashed his compass at the 6th control, while Laurina  Neumann also had some bad luck leaving her number and competition top at the centre and was unable to start without them. 

The next race is the middle distance qualification on Wednesday July 2nd

All Australian results:

Lachlan Dow, 84, 15.41
Nick Andrewartha, 109, 16.19
Oscar Phillips, 110, 16.20
Geoff Stacey, 125, 16.52
Oliver Mitchell, 132, 17.16
Leon Keely, 151, 19.05

Bridget Anderson, 49, 15.24
Belinda Lawford, 57, 15.37
Rachel Effeny, 71, 16.03
Krystal Neumann, 88, 16.59
Aislinn Predergast, 96, 17.21
Laurina Neumann Did not start