Managers report from JWOC Middle Qualification

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The bright spot for the Aussie team was Bridget Anderson’s race to finish in 9th place in her qualification race to ensure her a spot in the A final tomorrow. The race will finish again in the Hogsbro Pistol range which is full of nettles except where they have mowed around the finish area and nation tents. The map is a remap of an old area with a different mapping style from the previous mapper making it barely recognisable from the pre race competition map.

Some sad and sorry stories again have plagued some of the team’s results. Oliver Mitchell the best of the Aussies boys and managing to make the B final, regretting his lack of fitness due to a stunted preparation with a knee injury earlier in the year. Lachlan Dow was very disappointed in his race as he misread 11 to 12 as 12 to 13.

The boy’s team morale is a little low after today’s race and the young ones are finding it a bit tough. Leon Keely and Nick Andrewartha both were having a couple of bad legs costing them valuable time in the race. Geoff Stacey and Oscar Phillips also struggled to find competitive race times but had better races technically than Leon and Nick.

Laurina Neumann was a little unlucky to be in a faster qualifying heat missing out by 2 places – if she had done that time in a different heat would have qualified. Krystal Neumann and Aislinn Prendergast also gave strong performances but just missing out on qualifcation. Belinda Lawford failed to be careful enough in reading her control numbers looking for 36 and finding 46 in a parallel error. Rachel Effeney also found the green and technical terrain a challenge. The girls are a little disappointed and just hope to have good runs tomorrow to restore some confidence in their orienteering ability. Competition pressure gets to the best of them and the experience will help them to understand what is required for the future. Coaching advice has been to go out, have fun and enjoy the challenge in the finals.

General Organisational comment.

The model event was really an extra training as it modelled very little of the championship area. It was not printed on an offset printing map and it did not have proper controls out with numbers on them. It also did not have any sample drinks as stated in the rules sport drinks and water stations would be demonstrated.

There are some unhappy teams leaders about with regard to some of the technical omissions of the organisation for this years JWOC. The meetings consist of basic questions around information which should be clearly stated in the bulletin and they end with the organisers scurrying off to fix some problem that arises as a result. For example the start list of the sprint had to redone and was not ready for the team leaders meeting; the leaders had to wait for the start list for the qualification to be given out; the numbers as stated in the bulletin were completely wrong and the bus times also had to be readjusted. Organisationally this JWOC is not very good compared to the superb job done last year by Australia. We have found this extremely surprising given the status Sweden has in the orienteering world and are very disappointed in this aspect of the Championships.

Hilary Wood &  the JWOC Team