40 countries entered for WOC 2008

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wtoc_logoIn total 335 competitors from 40 countries of 4 continents entered for WOC 2008.

The Australian Boomerangs are one of 10 non-European based nations along with  USA, Canada, South Africa, Israel, China, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Japan and New Zealand. Another 30 European orienteering federations are sending teams. Keep up with the Australian Boomerangs via their WOC Trog.

Around 200 runners will participate in each discipline, in particular 202 entered for middle, 201 for sprint and 192 for long. During last day of WOC, 63 relay teams should be on start. The highest possible number of competitors from one country, which is set by rules to 14, should arrive from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine. List of teams, including names of runners, can be found here.

The race program starts on Sunday, with the sprint qualification in the morning (5:30pm AEST), followed by the opening ceremony and sprint final in the evening (12:40am, Monday AEST). Australia’s runners for this race will be Jasmine Neve, Grace Elson and Kathryn Ewels in the women’s race; Julian Dent, Kerrin Rattray and Simon Uppill in the men’s.

As always, live action will be broadcast around the globe via online results and text comments, as well as audio streaming and, for the final, video streaming from Czech TV (see details here).