MTBO WOC Long Distance Final

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The day dawned with a torrential downpour giving the early riders a wet start and the later riders some advantage with drier tracks.  On the whole the tracks were either muddy or sandy, making for some slow riding conditions.

Adrian Jackson started late and as one of the favourites but a recent stomach bug had him feeling weak before the start.  He rode well with minimal mistakes and did well to finish 6th just over a minute behind the bronze medal.  Alex Randall also gained a late start through a good qualification race.  He rode well to finish in 13th place but was disappointed with a few minor errors.  New Zealander Chris Forne rode well to finish in 19th place.

Melanie Simpson continued her good form with a very competitive 26th.  She had an early start and rode alone on the course but held the leading time for quite a while.  Thor Egerton (29th) and Jen Graham-Taylor (31st) were pleased with their rides with just a few minor mistakes.  Cath Chalmers was disappointed to finish in 49th.

David Simpfendorfer is chasing a good time in the B Final as we type.

The Relay will be held tomorrow morning.  The teams will be:

Alex Randall, Paul Darvodelsky and Adrian Jackson (in that order) for the men and Melanie Simpson, Jen Graham-Taylor and Thor Egerton (order yet to be decided) for the women.