Manager sought for Australia-NZ Challenge

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A manager is sought for the Australian team for the 2009 Australia-New Zealand Challenge, to be contested in New Zealand in conjunction with the 2009 Oceania Championships.

The manager will be responsible for organising the team when in New Zealand and has a number of formal responsibilities under the Challenge rules (mostly relating to agreements between the countries on late team changes etc.). They may also have a role in pre-departure arrangements such as uniform orders (although this task may be shared with the OA Executive Officer). They will not be expected to organise any travel arrangements for the team to/from or in New Zealand.

While this task can be undertaken by a team member if necessary, it can be a distracting one (especially on relays day!) and is therefore best undertaken by someone outside the team.

If you are interested in taking on this job, please contact Orienteering Australia as soon as possible through the Executive Officer, Kay Grzadka, at