Review of Australian Sport

In August, the Hon. Kate Ellis MP, Minister for Sport announced the appointment of an independent expert panel to investigate possible reforms into Australia’s sporting systems. The panel consists of  Mr David Crawford and 4 others and their (abbreviated) terms of reference are :

  •  continued elite sporting success,
  •  physical activity as a preventative health approach,
  •  pathways from junior sport to elite and professional sport
  •  approach to sports science, research and technology,
  • funding base for sport through corporate sponsorship, media and any recommended reforms.
Dennis Trewin: Author of OA's  submission to the Sports Review

Dennis Trewin: Author of OA’s
submission to the Sports Review

The OA Board has co-opted Dennis Trewin to handle the OA submission to the panel, and this was provided on 15 October (with assistance from the OA Board and Bob Mouatt). Yesterday, Dennis, Ben Rattray (OA Director, Development) and Bill Jones (OA President) met with three members of the panel, Mr David Crawford, Ms Pam Tye, and Mr Colin Carter to discuss the submission.

OA was given a 30 minute time slot to put their case to the panel. Bill Jones opened with an introduction of our committee and some brief statistics on orienteering, Dennis then spoke about the submission and why we had come to particular recommendations, and Ben followed up with some points on elite orienteering. The sport panel then asked questions about the OA submission, as well as a significant number on OA/board/council and States relationship set-up. By this stage 30 minutes was up and the sport panel complimented OA on its submission.

At least one other OA member has made a submission and the door is open until 7 November if anyone else wants to do likewise. Orienteers who would like to view the OA submission can request a copy from the OA office.