2009 MTBO Selection Policy

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Selection Process for Australian Team to compete at MTBO WOC 2009
 1.      The selection will be for up to 8 riders (total) for both Men’s and Women’s Team.
Selectors will use the three ‘picks’ system as a priority order.

·    Pick A:     A maximum of 2 riders chosen with regard to all relevant performances, including previous WOC’s.

·    Pick B:    A minimum of one rider, and maximum of 2 riders, chosen purely on their performance at the trials.

·    Pick C:    One rider chosen at the selectors’ sole discretion

 2. A Minimum of 2 MTBO races will be held at act as selection trials. The races will be held early enough to arrange travel and time off, but late enough to be an accurate gauge of form.

The races used will be:

  • To check the performance of those being considered for Pick A
  • To allow up to 2 riders to self-select as provided for by Pick B
  • To add to the information the Selectors have about the other riders in consideration for Pick C.


3. Attendance at the trials is not necessary to be considered for selection.  However,

  • Failure to attend any of the trials will make you only eligible for consideration in Pick C.
  • Finishing only one of the trials ( including when due to mechanical breakdown) will make it more difficult for the Selectors to compare your performance to the others when considering those eligible for both Pick A and Pick B.


4. All riders wishing to be considered for the Men’s and Women’s Team must:

  • inform the Selectors of the ‘Expression’ of Interest’ by email or written application.
  • inform the Selectors prior to the selection trials (at the very latest) that they are both available and are willing to travel.
  • be current members of their State Orienteering Association and local Orienteering club.
  • be Australian Citizens.

5. The following grounds will preclude any riders from consideration for the Australian MTBO WOC Team:
·         Failure to comply with any aspect of the OA Drug’s Policy.
·         Where it is believed the inclusion of a rider will be detrimental to the combined spirit of the Australian Team, and thereby have a negative impact on other riders’ performance.

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