Orienteers are invited to fly in the forests of Tasmania

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Treetops Adventure is a new concept to Australia. It is a ‘nature-based’ way of enjoying the outdoors – very much in the tradition of Orienteering . Hollybank Foresty reserve is located just 15 minutes outside Launceston. You’ll find an intriguing combination of gravity and natural braking controls your movements as you travel from one part of the forest to another. The final leg is a 700 m run down/over a ravine in the Pipers River. It’s an exhilarating experience with people who have participated being all ages, from 6 to 90.

The normal cost is $99 per person. During the Australian 3 Day Orienteering Championships we have arranged prices as low as $20 or $30. Please see more details below.

Friday 17th and any other day in April: At any time of your choice during April there is a “2 for 1” offer for any participant, their families or friends; particularly on the rest day of Fri 17 April.

Tuesday 14 April: Hollybank is going to try a ‘continuous program’ of people able to go around the ‘forestry circuit’ as couples or individuals instead of the normal groups of 6 to 10. The normal tour takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. The new concept takes just 2 hrs. Both include comprehensive briefings and fitting of the safety harnesses in the traditon of the care and safety taken with concepts such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. The special proposal for Orienteers for Tue the 14th : $30 per individual ; or $20 per individual if you have hired a car from our sponsoring car rental company, AutoRent-Hertz . ( Just show your car keys; max 2 people per car).

For Tue 14 April Hollybank will use a different concept in stationing tour guides at each of the 6 ‘sky stations’. Only in this way can they handle a larger volume of numbers. Participants will need to allow 2 hrs for this tour.

On Fri 17 April Hollybank will use the conventional concept of tours which are limited to just 6 x 10 people = 60. i.e. numbers would be limited and the tour period would be our normal 2.5 to 3 hrs.


To make a booking for this special Orienteers offer we ask that you either send us an e-mail to info@treetopsadventure.com.au or phone our Office on (03) 6395 1390. You can get more information and view a video of what we offer at www.treetopsadventure.com.au. However do not make a booking via that site as it is configured only to charge the $99 per person.

Why this special offer? Hollybank Treetops Adventure is a joint venture with Forestry Tasmania using a concept first developed in the forests of Central American and South Africa. It is early days for us and we are still seeking word-of-mouth within the wider community. Any feedback you can give us at the end of your tour will help in our planning and evaluation for similar concepts in other parts of Australia. Whether you can join us or not, we wish all Orienteers and their families a very happy visit to Tasmania.