Dent goes 8 straight

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Josh Blatchford M20E Winner Photo: Ian Meyer

Josh Blatchford M20E Winner
Photo: Ian Meyer

Another glorious Tasmanian autumn day had smiles on the competitors’ faces at the 2009 ASC Galaxy Sprint. Launceston’s University of Tasmania campus was a great location for the 8th race in the SILVA National Orienteering League. The complex building layout made route choice crucial, with many runners being caught out when their legs carried them quicker than their brains could point them in the right direction.

Julian Dent (NSW) continues to build a big lead in the overall pointscore after winning his 8th race of the season. Simon Uppill (SA) was again the best of the rest but was pushed hard by NSW Stinger Matt Parton.

Hanny Allston (TAS) won the women’s elite class, but it was a close 2nd to Kathryn Ewels (VIC) who was only 11secs behind over the 3.0km course. Jasmine Neve (VIC) continues to show good form to finish 3rd, 1min behind Ewels.

The Junior Elite classes were racing the same course as the Seniors, and there were some great results from many of the recently selected 2009 JWOC team. Belinda Lawford won the W20E class with a great time that would have placed her equal 4th in the open class. Bridget Anderson was close behind in 2nd and Aislinn Prendergast finished 3rd.
Josh Blatchford (NSW) won the M20E class from Max Neve, with Oscar Phillips and Lachlan Dow in equal third place.


Belinda Lawford W20E Winner Photo: Ian Meyer


  1. Julian Dent 12min24secs.
  2. Simon Uppill 13mins20secs
  3. Matt Parton 13min27secs


  1. Hanny Allston 14mins05secs
  2. Kathryn Ewels 14mins16secs
  3. Jasmine Neve 15mins16secs


  1. Josh Blatchford 14mins29secs
  2. Max Neve 14mins34secs
  3. Lachlan Dow 14mins58secs
    Oscar Phillips 14mins58secs


  1. Belinda Lawford 15mins49secs
  2. Bridget Anderson 15mins59secs
  3. Aislinn Prendergast 16mins42secs