Australian Team for MTB WOC 2008 in Poland

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PaulDThe selection trials for the 2008 MTBO WOC and JWOC teams were held over the weekend of 19th and 20th April, in Victoria.
  • Saturday 19th April    – LONG Distance  held near Newstead ( west of Castlemaine)
  • Sunday 20th April am – MIDDLE Distance held at Nerrina, on the northern eastern outskirts of Ballarat
  • Sunday 20th April pm – SPRINT Distance  held at Nerrina, on the northern eastern outskirts of Ballarat
The courses for the 3 events were of a good standard. The maps were of adequate standard:  Long event – there was some poor track mapping in detailed areas. Middle and Sprint – the map had far too many ‘gold diggings’ features mapped, so the map was unnecessarily cluttered. The overprinting on Day 2 was of a poor quality and although not affecting the results it caused the competitors some confusion.  The weather was perfect for orienteering racing- cool in the mornings , warming up to around 23 – 25C, still and with blue skies.

The mens and Womens Teams are ( in alphabetical order)

Australian 2008 MTBO WOC TEAM

Paul Darvoldeski (NSW)
Adrian Jackson (VIC)

Alex Randall (VIC)
David Simpfendorfer (ACT)

Cath Chalmers (WA)
Thorlene Egerton (Qld)
Jen Graham-Taylor (WA)
Melanie Simpson (NSW)

Four junior boys aged 15 – 17 yrs nominated for selection.They came from came Qld, Tas and Vic.  Their rides produced  a mix of satisfactory results. However, it was considered that the standard of the boys results was not sufficiently high to warrant naming them as JWOC team members.  It was felt that as a group they are particularly young and relatively inexperienced MTB orienteers.

Over the next few years they will become physically stronger and with increased mtbo competition they should improve between 10 – 20%, in their performances. Then it will be time to select Australia’s first JWOC MTBO Team!

Peta Whitford, Rick Armstrong and Eric Andrews
National Selectors for Australian MTBO WOC 2008 Team