2009 Australian MTBO Champs and National MTBO Series

Shane Jenkins2009 Archive

The 2009 National Series standings have been updated after a tough weekend of racing at the Australian MTBO Championships.

Adrian Jackson and Thor Egerton lead the way in the Mens and Womens Elite fields.  Adrian now has an unassailable lead, but Thor will need to continue her hard work in Queensland if she is to take out the series for a second year running.

In the teams competition, Victoria swept up all three races in M21E and M20E and only lost the sprint race in W21E, while consolidating the Nuggets strong first place position in all 4 age classes at the conclusion of Round 2. Round 3 will be staged in Queensland in early September.

The weekend’s event also incorporated

the 2009 Aus/NZL MTBO Challenge.  This was convincingly won by New Zealand: NZL 13 – AUS 7 in the age classes M21-, W21-, M40-W40-, M50-, W50- and M60-. Despite winning the M21E- class for all three races (Sprint, Long and Middle) and W21E- in the Long and Middle races, the M40-, W40- and W50- riders from New Zealand won all three races to seal the Kiwi victory. The Australian M60- team salvaged some points winning the Sprint and Long races, while the AUS M50- riders won the Middle Distance race today in driving rain and wind. At the Sunday night presentation dinner (attended by a record 95 participants) the SA organizers, lead by Andrew Slattery, were given “three cheers” for an outstanding long weekend of races. A terrific atmosphere developed between the visiting 31-strong Kiwi team managed by Di Michels and the host Aussie team over the fortnight. The next AUS/NZL MTBO Challenge is scheduled to be staged in New Zealand in 2011. Complete results are on the SA webpage.