JWOC Sprint today

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The racing at JWOC in Italy gets underway tonight with the Sprint event. LIVE Results

Start times for the Australian Team (Italy is 8 hours behind Eastern Time & 6 hours behind Western Time.):

Callum Fagg      15:08
Leon Keely        15:13
Josh Blatchford  16:23
Oscar Phillips     16:40
Lachlan Dow     16:58
Max Neve         17:03

Aislinn Prendergast  15:01
Bridget Anderson    15:16
Belinda Lawford      16:13
Krystal Neumann     16:18
Sarah Buckerfield    16:37
Lilian Burrill             16:50

The Men will have a 3.1km race with 24 controls, while the Women’s race will be 2.5km with 21 controls.  Competition for places will be tough with large fields of 172 Men and 123 Women competing.

AISLINN PRENDERGAST held the lead for some time with 15:26!!!

Callum Fagg 21:09