Business as usual as the Scandinavian and Swiss teams dominate JWOC relays

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The Swiss and Scandinavian dominance evident in the individual races at JWOC2009 continued in the relays at Val Canali with the Swiss women’s team coming from 3:35 down in fourth place after the second leg to win by 1:47 from Norway after the Swiss number 3 runner Julia Gross posted the fastest leg of the day.

In the men’s race, it was Sweden from Switzerland after the Swiss led the two Swedish teams by 1:40. With Martin Hubmann running the final leg, a Swiss double looked likely, but just as Gross had done in the women’s race, Sweden’s JWOC long distance champion Gustav Bergman had the fastest run in the men’s race to bring Sweden’s number 1 team home 43 seconds ahead of the Swiss, with the Swedish number 2 team dropping back to fourth after a strong final leg from Denmark’s Soren Bobach.

Both Australian women’s teams had consistent runs to finish in 24th and 29th places, but the men were less consistent, with the number 2 team in 43rd place and the number 1 team in 48th place.


1. Switzerland 1 1:44:42
2. Norway 1 +1:47
3. Denmark 1 +1:57
24. Australia 1 (Prendergast, Neumann, Anderson) +27:14
29. Australia 2 (Buckerfield, Burrill, Lawford) +53:32


1. Sweden 1 2:08:51
2. Switzerland 1 + 0:43
3. Denmark 1 +3:12
43. Australia 2 (Neve, Keely, Phillips) +54:03
48. Australia 1 (Fagg, Blatchford, Dow) +1:07:34