World Games Orienteering competitions start today

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The World Games Orienteering competitions start today with the Sprint Distance race held at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts. Last night the team took part in the opening ceremony, including a march into the Kaohsiung Main Stadium. The stadium looks magnificent and features a roof constructed of solar panels and is built in a shape similar to the dynamic curves of the city’s Love River. The team marched with other Australian representatives from sports such as Ultimate Frisbee, Rockclimbing, Skydiving and Sumo Wrestling. Entering the stadium to cheers of 40 000  spectators will no doubt be a highlight for most athletes sporting careers.

The venue is part of the Neiweipi Cultural Park at Gushan District. The part features many large sculptures and a wetland ecological park with a man-made lake. The finish area at the Museum is a fantastic amphitheatre that will provide spectators with a great view of the action as the runners start and finish within full view.

The Australians start times in AEST below. So either stay at work and use their broadband to view the live video and GPS feeds, or get home early so you don’t miss the action!

Hanny Allston- 16:07
Kathryn Ewels- 16:14
Simon Uppill- 17:11
Julian Dent- 17:24

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