MTBO Team gears up for WOC in Israel

Kay Haarsma2009 Archive

The Australian Orienteering MTBO team is about to meet in Tel Aviv for their training camp prior to the World Championships.

The team is Carolyn and Adrian Jackson, with Timmy Jackson along as chief photographer and Kay Haarsma as coach.

Conditions are likely to be extremely hot at 35 degrees and limited forest cover.

Specific event rules require riders to start with at least 1 litre of water.

Riders may also ride cross country, not having to stay on tracks, and must ride on the right hand side of tracks.
AUG 3-8    Training Accomm – Ramat HaShofet – 100 kms north of Tel Aviv

This is a kibbutz with a dairy farm.

AUG 9-15    WOC Accom – Ben Shemen Youth Village – 25 kms East of Tel Aviv.

This is a youth village and agricultural boarding school in central Israel. In 2006 the village had a population of 627. It has around 1,000 students, of which 400 live in the village
The Israel website has names and photos of competitors, as well as some photos and maps. Sweden is at WOC for the first time with one male entered.
Most of the top riders, es expected are competing, perhaps with the main absentees being some of the Danes.

Also we will be communicating occasionally back via AJ’s blog page, so watch that space too from Aug 3rd on.

This World Champs, being in Israel will certainly be different, interesting, challenging and ultimately enjoyable I’m sure, so stay tuned.