MTBO world champs MIDDLE DISTANCE – AJ on the podium

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AJ places 5th in middle.
Adrian Jackson again has made the WOC podium, this time with a 5th in the middle, in the opening 2009 individual event. His finish line comment of “19 controls – 19 mistakes,” aptly summarised his thoughts.  In reality he made many small 20 – 30 second mistakes, perhaps rushing a little in view of his lack of recent O competition. However a podium place is still a pleasing result due to the ever increasing quality of the competition. The influence of MTBO Jwocs is being seen with many good juniors making the elite teams.  Russia has 4 juniors in their team.  Fitness wise Adrian coped admirably with the sizzling hot conditions.

In contrast Carolyn Jackson was extremely pleased with her 35th position, having only a one minute error. Although her place appears low Carolyn was only 8 minutes off the podium and all the places around her were very close in time. She swears to the value of wearing the ice vest to cool the core temperature prior to starting.  The Finn Hana Marikka was a delighted winner while Austrian Michaela Gigon had to suffer the agony of being announced as the winner and a minute later being told that a mistake had been made and she was in fact 2nd!

In the women there were 5 nations in the top 6, while the men’s competition is dominated by Danes, Russians and the Czech Republic at the pointy end.  Today’s event was held in a section of Ben Shemen forest, with just a 3km ride to the start from our accommodation. Again the finish line was sited just 50 metres from a village swimming pool and officials were busy handing out watermelon to finishers.

Middle 034Tomorrow is a rest day, with just a long model ride programmed.  The following day is the relay, but with a team of only two we will be interested spectators. Then its on with the sprint and long final on the concluding days.

52,22 Marikka Hara – Finland
53.23 Michaela Gigon – Austria
53.44 Christine Schaffer – Swiss
53.49 Hana Bajtosova – Slovakia
54.11 Ingrid Stengard – Finland
56.07 Anna Fuzy – Hungary

56.29 Torbjorn Gasberg – Denmark
57.09 Jiri Hradil  – Czech
57.17 Lasse Brun Pedersen  – Denmark
57.30 Anton Foliforev – Russia
59.19 Adrian Jackson
60.11 Beat Okle – Swiss

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