Crane and Allston qualify for Middle Distance Final

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The 2009 World Orienteering Championships started in Hungary today with the middle distance qualification the first challenge facing competitors. The race was held at Bükkszentkereszt, an area 20km from the event centre, Miskolc. The region includes challenging low visibility sink hole terrain. Some of the top runners commented on how nice and suitable the area was for a middle distance event though these sentiments may not be shared by those that faced problems.

Australia has a full strength women’s team at this year’s WOC, but no men. The women had mixed results with the recently married Grace Crane (nee Elson) and Hanny Allston qualifying comfortably but Jasmine Neve missing out. Jasmine struggled in the early part of the course but finished strongly. Unfortunately the early setback was too much and Jasmine did not qualify for the final.

The top 15 from each heat qualify for the final on Wednesday 19th.

Other results

Men A
1. Pavlo Ushkvarok UKR 26.40
2. Matthias Mueller SUI 27.01
3. Dmitry Mihalkin BLR 27.04
15. Wolfgang Siegert AUT 29.11

Men B
1. Matthias Merz SUI 25.47
2. Tero Fohr FIN 26.41
3. Zinca ROM 26.60 (?)
15. Robert Banach POL 29.47

Men C
1. Valentin Novikov RUS 26.12
2. Daniel Hubman SUI 27.07
3. Thierry Gueorgiou FRA 27.16
15. Emil Wingstedt SWE 30.33

Women A
1. Simone Niggli, SUI 26.46
2. Helena Jansson SWE 28.30
3. Merja Rantanen FIN 28.57
11. Hanny Allston AUS 31.45
15. Ilina Shandurkova BUL 33.14

Women B
1. Anne Margrette Hausken NOR 27.02
2. Dana Brozkova CZE 28.05
3. Vroni Koenig-Salmi SUI 28.10
11. Grace Crane AUS 31.55
15. Karin Schmalfeld GER 34.37

Women C
1. Lea Mueller SUI 28.16
2. Minna Kauppi FIN 29.14
3. Radka Brozkova CZE 29.58
15. Irina Maiorescu ROM 37.28
24. Jasmine Neve AUS 46.17

Full information can be observed on the WOC website.

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Tomorrow will see the Long Distance qualification race using the same arena. Australian’s Hanny Allston, Kathryn Ewels and Grace Crane will be lighting up the forest.