WOC 2009 Begins!

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woc2009_logo_small_enThe organising city, Miskolc (the largest city in North Eastern Hungary) is host to the 26th World Orienteering Championships, being held in conjunction with the 6thWorld Trail O Championships.  With all athletes being accommodated at the University of Miskolc Campus, it is the intention of the organisers to create an ‘Olympic village’ feel for all participants, providing a high standard of accommodation and other facilities.

There are over 360 male and female competitors from more than 40 nations, so placing in the top 15 in qualification races will in itself provide a challenge for most.

Seconds will count as a timing system involving electronic start gates, finish line and bib numbers will be used. Finish times will be taken when the runner breaks the beam at the finish line with times will be rounded down to the nearest 1.0 second, except in the Sprint Final, when they will be rounded down to the nearest 0.1 second.

The Australian women will compete in all 4 events with 3 representatives in each discipline.





Hanny Alston Hanny Alston Hanny Alston Hanny Alston
Kathryn Ewels Grace Crane (Elson) Grace Crane (Elson) Grace Crane (Elson)
Shannon Jones Jasmine Neve Kathryn Ewels Kathryn Ewels

A summary of the event program is as follows

Date Events  
Sun Aug 16 Middle Distance Qualification  
Mon Aug 17 Long Distance Qualification  
Wed Aug 19 Middle Distance Final  
Thur Aug 20 Sprint Distance Qualification (09.00)  
  Sprint Distance Final (16.20)  
Fri Aug 21 Relay – Mass Start Men (11.00) Women (13.45)  
Sun Aug 23 Long Distance Final

Competition commences today with the Middle Distance qualification, with expected winning times of 25minutes, average course length of 4.1km and with 170m climb.  Terrain description is as follows:

WOC2009 Middle Qualification
Land form Located 550-700 ms a.s.l. Moderately steep hills up to 100 ms height. Many point features (lime burning places, charcoal burning places, pits, knolls). Some stones, rocky areas.
Vegetation 90-100% forested (mainly beech, but pine forest also), 10% open area with scattered vegetation (only used in long qualification). Undergrowth in places. Dry underfoot.
Runnability Ranging from very good to difficult.
Visibility Ranging from very good to limited.
Green areas Quite few green areas (15 %). Almost no nettle or blackberry.
Paths & roads Limited

A sunny day is forecast with temperatures ranging from 15-30C, so keep an eye out for the Aussie girls:

Start Block 1 – Jasmine Neve  10:05am
Start Block 2 – Hanny Alston  10:27am
Start Block 3 – Grace Crane 10:57am

Here’s a look at the Model Map for the Middle Qualification Race that the team visited on Saturday.

Middle Q Map

Apart from reading the team blog, the next best place to go is the WOC website which now has LIVE section.