WOC 2009 – Long qualification preview.

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woc2009_logo_small_enToday Kathryn Ewels, Hanny Alston and Grace Crane compete for a place in the long final. Using similar terrain to the middle qualification but with more green areas and a more developed network of paths and forest roads, it is anticipated that the fastest qualifiers will cover their 6.6km course in about 43 minutes. Start times are as follows:

Grace Crane 09:01 (was last starter in the MQ and is first starter in the LQ!)
Hanny Allston 09:17
Kathryn Ewels 09:39

During the training camp, Grace took the opportunity to head north into Slovakia to familiarise herself with the unique limestone terrain which will feature predominantly in the long final (Sun 23 Aug), where large sinkholes form negative contour features sometimes 20-30m deep. This will be quite different to today’s qualifying area, where only some small negative features may be encountered.

Check out the pictures showing Grace at the bottom of one of these sink holes located enroute from the start triangle to #1.

Torzo map

Sink hole terrain