WOC 2009 – Middle Final News and Photos

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Strong performances indeed from Grace Crane (15th) and Hanny Allston (18th) today in the World Middle Distance Orienteering Championships final. For some time the Australian girls held first and second place on the results board, causing excitement and anxiousness amongst the team, Aussie supporters and especially the commentator.

Score Board

but as she said, ‘lost her head’ to lose time in the latter part of the course.

Hanny MF Superscreen

Grace explained during her post race interview that she the had virtually a clean run, pushing hard through the thick and scrappy vegetation to accurately locate the controls.

Grace Superscreen

Grace MF Hanny MF 2Bettering her 2008 WOC Middle Distance result of 16th, Grace was extremely pleased with her performance (not to mention her proud parents Bert and Jan).

Grace Spec Control Hanny MF4 Grace MF 2 Grace parents

The team now spends the afternoon preparing for tomorrow’s Sprint Distance qualification and final races, where Shannon Jones will make her debut for the team.

[Photos: Lance Read & Peter Hobbs]

Women’s results
1. Dana Brozkova (CZE)     37:09
2. Marianne Andersen (NOR) 37:19
3. Simone Niggli (SUI)    37:58
15. Grace Crane (AUS)     42:12
18. Hanny Allston (AUS)    43:01

Men’s results
1. Thierry Gueorgiou (FRA)  37:14
2. Daniel Hubmann (SUI)   37:43
3. Matthias Merz (SUI)      38:10