WOC 2009 – Opening Ceremony Honour for Australia

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Hanny Allston Chosen to Read the Athletes’ Oath at World Orienteering Championships.

A proud moment for both Hanny Allston and the Australian Orienteering team as she was invited to read the Athletes’ Oath during the official opening of the 26th World Orienteering Championships in Miskolc, Hungary.

Hanny Allston (AUS) & Gabor Domonyik (HUN) [Photo courtesy of Erik Borg]

Hanny Allston (AUS) & Gabor Domonyik (HUN)
[Photo courtesy of Erik Borg]

Accompanied by one of Hungary’s best orienteers, Gabor Domonyik, the oath was recited in both Hungarian and English on behalf of all athletes.

The competition at WOC now intensifies with the first of the finals being contested today, Wednesday 19 August. In the Middle Distance Final, Australia is represented by Grace Crane (nee Elson) and Hanny Allston who both qualified in 11th place in their heats. Both women start mid field with Hanny at 9.52am and Grace at 9.56am (local time). The women’s race commences at 9.30am followed by the men’s final at 11.15am.

Grace and Hanny’s course will be 5.34km long with an expected winning time of 35 minutes. Course notes describe the terrain as moderately steep to steep hills up to 60m in height with some negative land forms. Many point features (lime burning places, charcoal burning places, pits, knolls), many stones and rocky areas.

Some of the major challenges for competitors will come from route choice legs through vegetation varying the runnability and visibilty from very good to very difficult. There is a developed network of paths and forest roads presenting various route options.

Highlights from today’s Opening Ceremony are best viewed by visiting the Australian Team Blog where there are heaps of new pictures to view.  The girls are looking forward to your words of support and encouragement. There are also many official photographs on the WOC Live site