WOC 2009 – Sprint Preview

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Well it’s another warm and sunny morning in Miskolc, and a fantastic sprint event arena has been set up at the local zoo. The men’s sprint qualification is already underway with the women’s qualification commencing in less than half an hour.

The terrain for the sprint consists of gently sloping hills up to 50m height with intricate land forms in places (erosion).The vegetation is 80% forested (mainly beech) and 20% park terrain. The final also includes built-up areas (forest zoo – 30%). Almost no undergrowth, mostly dry underfoot with runnability generally  very good. There is a developed network of paths and tracks, of which 10% (qualification)- 30% (final) is paved.

Here’s a look at the sprint model map.

SQ map

With fast and furious action, watch out for the 3 Australian girls, Hanny Allston starting at 10.05, Shannon Jones 10.15 and Kathryn Ewels 10.23. The expected winning time for the women is 14 minutes. Average course length is 2.5km, 17 controls and 115 climb. Gauging from the men’s race, it’s pretty much a steep, bush sprint – very fast underfoot with good visibility. Go girls!