South Australian MTBO Champs

Kay Haarsma2009 Archive

Ian Fehler and Kay Haarsma are the 2009 SA elite MTBO Champions after testing courses on the new Fox Creek map in the Adelaide Hills.  This area includes one of the top downhill and crosscountry mt biking areas in SA and has a dense network of tracks through both pine and native bush in very hilly terrain.  Adrian Uppill, both mapper and course setter, did a wonderful job creating route choices that many competitors are still pondering.

Ian Fehler, who comes from a xc mt biking and adventure racing background, improved from 4th last year with a 4 minute win over Lee Merchant, with Heinz Leuenberger a further 9 minutes adrift.  The 25.5km course with over 1,000 metres of climb took 120 minutes for the winner.  Kay Haarsma took 122 minutes for her 18.5km course with newcomer to mtbo, Fern Tomas doing well to finish 2nd.

A grade winners were:
M16 – Jack Allison
M20 – Riordan Dose
M21 – Ian Fehler
M40 – Ruhi Afnan
M50 – Gerry Velatis
M60 – Peter Mayer
W21 – Kay Haarsma
W40 – Michelle Chamalaun
W50 – Anthea Williams
W60 – Helen Smith.