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The Australian Boomerangs team has kept the orienteering public up to date with news and photos for the 2009 season through the team blog. Julian Dent is currently in Sweden competing and training can and has been writing some interesting reports.

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Swedish Elite Series race- 30th April

The competition starts at 10pm AEST with Julian starting at 10.32 (but unfortunately he hasn’t been given GPS tracking)

Live coverage can be found through the following links.

Live GPS-tracking
Live Speaker

Live Results


Sweden’s famous 10 man relay takes place over 1-2 May, running throughout Saturday night. Julian is competing for Swedish club Malungs OK, a club popular with Australians with Grant Bluett, Rob Walter and Simon Uppill all club members.

You’ll be able to watch all the action from here with live Web TV available for $10. From previous years experience this coverage is as good as live orienteering can get.